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Monday, October 17, 2005

Marketing is rubbish!

You can do anything with marketing. See!

Watch the Quicktime


Rich S said...

This trailer was very helpful to me. I showed me that there is another film out there that I have no need to watch because:

a) I have no interest in this
b) The whole film is in the trailer
c) I have no interest in this
d) what idiot decided that Shining was a good name for it? I mean... Ah you already know what i'm going to say, just imagine me ranting about people coming up with a crap idea that has no outlet & then forcing it in where it doesn't belong.

Why do once great actors like Jack think that it's OK to make shite films when you've made enough money not to care... - Dennis Hopper, Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery et al.

Paul said...

Not sure you've grasped th epoint there Rich - this is just showing how you can spin a film to make it look like anything - I think it's quite clever.

Paul said...

PS Primer looks good at the flicks