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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The internet is rubbish!

A while back in a previous post about new ideas Paul said...

Sometimes a writer sitting in his shed will come up with something extraordinary and best off untouched by any kind of appraisal until release. I'd like to propose that The Werckmeister Harmonies is such a work ( Extraordinary.

I once heard that the internet can viewed as a suppressor of new ideas. A normal 'blogger' view would be that the spread of ideas quickly means that evolution of thought is accelerated. But pockets of isolated thought can sometimes be more beneficial. If everyone knows the same thing and the same trends - you don't get 'movements'. No Italian neo-realism, no German expressionism, no French new wave. Once these ideas hit a critical mass they exploded worldwide and created new thinking and new ideas globally. Currently we don't explosions - just a trickle.

Conclusion: internet = bad thing?


Paul Draper said...

You're right - it's rare now to find a cultural group isolated from another one.

As these ideas now travel as freely as people do, the world's divisions should be breaking down. We see extremes of division as those who feel threatened by another concept (like another religion) decide they can't live alongside it, but it is inevitable.

I quite like this in a way. The world is becoming less partitioned - at least until governments step in and achieve an artificial series of silos via globalisation (Indonesia makes the trainers, UK citizens wear them). This needs to be resisted as it's unnatural and unfair.

With greater communication such as the net the world is naturally and inexorably moving into a phase of becoming "human", where we all start to know the people we live with on the planet.

This evolution is under threat due to squabbling over the internet however ( the US doesn't seem to get the idea of an open internet.

My feeling is if we live long enough and don't start a big silly war then this movement of human development will at some point reach a critical mass. Then artificial restraints and unfair governmental policies become unfeasible and can be rejected on a global scale if people care enough.

Then, who know? Quite exciting really.

This bagel is nice.

Tim Clague said...

I guess what I'm asking is: the world as a great big melting pot is going to happen. But it should it be uniform gruell? Or a chunky stew (with dumplings!)?

Rich S said...

Hmmm, chunky stew. With good bread that you can dip in and take out the bits that you want.

Paul Draper said...

I see it as a multiflavoured stirfry, with nice little patches of soy sauce.

Tim Clague said...

Noodles to you all