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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I know it, they know it.

Film 2005 on the BBC had an interesting segment on the film business. Its not easy to blog about as there is no on-line version of it on the offical site. But it was examining a topic that we've often discussed here. Why the cinema is starting to fail. The number one reason - poor scripts. The number two reason - bad business model. There was a claim that distributors want to move the DVD release even closer to the cinema release. Closer than close. In fact to the same day.

I'd go even further than that. At the moment its a no mans land.

As you all know I'd prefer a larger range of films that stay around longer as dictated by the audience. A low marketing, interactive approach. The other way, the big marketing, get em on the first weekend way, isn't big enough either. If its supposed to be an event then make it an event. I want to buy the Soundtrack and a poster as I come out of a good film. Not be thrown out into the cold. I want the DVD and to chat about the film in the cafe. But alas I'm out on my ear in the cold British weather.

Either way - sort it out. Just hiring out a darkened room doesn't really cut it anymore.


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Tim Clague said...

Okay. This is better than anything I ever wrote!