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Monday, October 31, 2005

The first 365films trials is launched...

Yes. Its up and away!

Quartz Shorts has launched.

What is Quartz Shorts?

  • It is a mini series for the full 365films vision.
  • Its about using all media - video, text, images, sounds, music
  • It is about us, as film makers and writers, taking a backseat. We steer the agenda together.
  • We may 'throw stuff out' but you decide 'whether it sticks'.

Why love?
Because normal linear, one-way, old school media just tackle this subject. Sure enough, it can try to answer what is love or when did you fall in love. We don't care about these small questions. We want to look at all of love. Explore all its meanings. Just how big is it?

How do I join the fun?

  • Go to this blog as often as you can.Link
  • If you are user of an RSS service then this is the stream.Link
  • Through iTunes / on your iPod. Put this link into the subscribe to podcast box in your iTunesLink

Join us as we ramble around the topic. And hey - at least its something nice to talk about!


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