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Friday, October 07, 2005

Blog Radio or 'The World's First Blog'

We already looked at Blog TV. No news on that. But as I stirred from my pit of a bed this morning I had a revelation while listening to the Terry Wogan show.

Surely his show was the world's first blog. It follows the same structure. He says something daft / controversial and then people text / email in with comments and slowly the show moves to a new agenda. Its not a phone-in show as no topic is ever set or discussed. There is just one topic - the show itself. It is a show completely based on the participation of the audience. They set the agenda. Terry just steers it. And he has done for 30 years (although e-communication has brought it to life)

So who would have thought it. Terry Wogan invented blogging.


Benny Fishery said...

I feel you need to lie down in a darkened room for a very very long time;-)

Anonymous said...

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