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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At last. The reality kicks in!

An article on Variety about why US box office is down. You don't think... surely not... it can't be... they finally realise that the films are poor and generic. The bottom line has kicked in at last! Great. What is their answer? Carry on as normal of course and tweak with the advertising. Well done mate! Radical!

Still from 10 Seconds


JoNae said...

Best of luck with your pilot and totally back ya on the crap tv/movies dealy you posted on. Time for some good flicks I tell ya! Nice to see you stop by the new site...3 months and I'll be in the Europe..woohoo!

Anonymous said...

It's great, isn't it? Hiking up the advertising so Johnny dumbass at home finally is bludgeoned to a near-death state, and has no choice but to see another piss poor remake.

See? The big thinkers to stay at the top!

Tim Clague said...

Thank goodness for the blogs. The antidote to marketing!