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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another one-way media collapse

A one-off or part of a trend. Another big one-way media outlet is falling.

The New York Times reports that newspapers are in even more trouble that we thought. The Philadelphia Inquirer lost 30% of its subscription base in the last twenty years.

For just about any venture, it's the first customers that pay the rent, and the last ones that make a profit. It's hard to imagine anyone going back to newspapers, isn't it?

As reported on Seth Godin's blog


Paul said...

Colour printing, new formats and the success of Metro suggests a different story (

Besides, you need a paper, it can be your best friend. You take it to the pub when meeting people so if you're first you don't look like a norman. You take it to work, you read it on the train.

It doesn't need a power supply, perfect.

Tim Clague said...

Good article. Cheers Paul

Anonymous said...

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Danny Stack said...

those spammer messages from those automated arseholes will drive you nuts. check out the word verification thing on blogger which does the trick.

Tim Clague said...

I guess so. I've tried to keep it easy for people. What do others think. No more spam?

Paul said...

The Italian one was remarkable.

Maybe keep the spam until the surreality levels drop?

Anonymous said...

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