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Thursday, September 08, 2005

She's leaving home, bye bye. (C)

Paul Draper replied to the last post and here is a little extract:
If the film eventually becomes a collaboration between yourself and the world why not collaborate from the off and write to pass to another to interpret in their direction or production? ...a good parent knows when to allow school, friends to influence their child, and so I think the writer should welcome artistic additions to his/her vision. Something beautiful may emerge you never even imagined.

Paul obviously has a point. And in fact I talked about the use of the fully collaborative method that created my short film WaterMelon a while ago in a previous post. Here I advocate the use of giving up elements of your film to allow an influx of ideas.

But as the writer of the film, (and just the writer - if you had no hyphen) you are powerless to control what happens next. Does someone take your story and miss the point? Do they cast it against how you see it? Yes, maybe as Paul suggests this will be a fresh new direction. Or will it be a disaster? You won't know. Your sitting at home in front of a keyboard while someone adds a car chase to sex up your coming-of-age deeply felt drama.

Children need to leave home, yes. But do you sell them at the slave market? Wouldn't you worry if they didn't keep in touch?

Paul's film is available to watch on the BBC Film Network site.


- The Sock rubbish dude. said...

Pwhor ! - custodian metaphor overload...

Great to see you blogging it Filmtin - will try and visit regularly - needs more little quirky sketches but still looking good...

- The Sock rubbish dude.

Tim Clague said...

Yeah, a pretty quick response to your idea to do it - eh Sock rubbish dude.

See you in the future!