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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Recap of lessons learnt


I think it wise to recap where we are so far for those that have come in late and are having to stand at the back.

So far we have concluded:

  • Writing is a lonely existence
  • As the writer of the script you have little influence on the final film
  • You have no power as you are invisible to the public
  • The public don't know you as what you do is not 'sexy'
  • You need to be sexy
  • One way is to do something else. What we have called a hyphen, eg. writer-director
  • Another way is to be a 'brand'. Someone who delivers fresh thinking. eg. Charlie Kaufman
  • The traditional structure of delivery is about marketing - NOT about making good films.
  • We want to make good films
  • So we need to remove as much of the middle man as possible.

Coming up:

  • How can the audience and film maker connect more easily
  • Can you do away with the middle men
  • How can blogs help?

See you in the future


Paul Draper said...

A little note to add here as an aside, Tarantino sees himself as a writer first and foremost and a director third (actor second but the only role I've ever seen him good at was Dusk Till Dawn) -

There is much to love in writing and whatever the drawbacks if that's what you are it's what you are.

Ps Tim you clearly love film and I feel your entries are very positive.

Pps, how about a David Hasselhoff picture at some point in one of these entries.

Tim Clague said...

Never the Hoff! That's my motto.

There is much to love in writing - and in directing - and in acting for that matter.

That's what we are looking at here. How do we keep that love and share it. Does that happen enough at the moment - if not why not.