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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blog TV

I'm just about to put in a TV proposal. The aim of the proposal is to try and capture what we have been talking about here so far. Can you have a programme that talks directly and in a two way direction to the audience? Above is a chart that shows the change in the media.

With a blog you bypass the controlling elements of the editor (the gatekeeper) and the distributors (the means of production). You also bypass those costs.
Obviously with a TV show you can never truly achieve the top route. You always need to go the bottom route - for now anyway. But this idea is a half way house.

What is the show then?
The show would run in a similar way to a blog. I would say in episode one - writers have no control. Someone would email in saying why this was wrong and I'd go and talk to them on camera. They would show me what they mean with examples, clips etc. And then I'd move on to 3 other people with opinions. And slowly over the series I would form a new opinion.
I'm not saying this would be the topic and I'm not saying that I would present it. But it demonstrates how it would work. It tries to be inclusive. And shows how our opinions should change as we learn more. Most of all it tries to go the top route, not the bottom and bypass the one-way lecture.

1 comment:

Paul said...

I like this idea. How would you make it televisual though? Some sort of control over whether you see chaos or a process?