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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blog TV - part two

An update on Blog TV. As Paul Draper said in reply it will be hard to replicate the blog experience in TV form - maybe even a futile or pointless task. But I've given it a go anyway. Shaune Fradley, who I worked with on Wimborne Road a few years ago has sent it on to Sky and ITV already.

Here is the proposal

Blog TV

Nobody has all the answers. So why do we pretend they do? Why do we let people in our living rooms so they can talk at us?

This programme is different. This programme seeks out the answer through the exploring the shared experience. Not through vox-pops, not through ‘experts’ but by talking sensibly to everyday people. Give them a chance to shine.

Example show: Topic – Euthanasia
• A doctor, a firm believer in the defence of life at all costs, lays out his opinion.
• But then he meets a man whose mother is terminally ill. Why can’t she have her dignity?
• Which leads him to talk to the consultant in charge of the patient – what is his prognosis?
• But then he talks to someone who came out of a coma after a year. What is there life like now?
• Which leads him to talk to a lawyer – what is the legal point of view?

Through the ongoing ‘conversation’ will our presenter change his view. Only through talking can we shift our perspective.

Taking the best of documentary and the best of discussion programmes we get out and about and create a country-wide conversation with people who know what they are talking about, yet have never been asked. No spin, no ego, no celebrity. Just people like you and me.


Paul Draper said...

It's certainly a different idea. It appears to me to be a live documentary, which I don't think I've seen before.

My question is would it be televisual? After all, behind every great 30 minute documentary, whether it's earnest tanned John Pilger or Roger Cook getting walloped with a golf club, there's a mountain of research, summarised in the edit, but do people want to watch that process?

Opening it to the public in a blog fashion is a smart idea. I don't know if you saw Dave Gorman's "Google Wack Adventure" but the show had a randomness to it which was very engaging.

Perhaps your presenter needs to be an innocent "blank sheet" rather than say a doctor with preset strong opinions?

Tim Clague said...

It is a bit different. It could work. But is it TV?

That in a way is the question I am posing to the TV companies. Are they willing to experiment with form in this way?

Previous experience (such as with Quartz Shorts) says yes, until it comes down to the cash - then no.

Its a bit of a last ditch attempt really. A better solution, a more REAL blog TV solution would be to sidestep the broadcasters altogether and try to go direct - the top route. As we saw here.