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Monday, September 12, 2005

An aside

Seth Godin wrote on his blog

The first lesson is that free ebooks spread FORTY times faster than ebooks that cost money. That should give you pause if your goal is to spread your ideas. It seems to me that it's really difficult to imagine that the $9 or $12 you can charge for an ebook is more effective than reaching forty times as many as people for free.

What is the film equalivant? Those viral shorts from beer companies? Great, but that's an advert - not a film. Get a good fun film, less a 1 meg in size and it'll fly. DePict is a festival for films under 90 seconds in length so this kind of production is out there. But...

I never get emailed films. Do you?


Paul Draper said...

The sort of wild viral email attachments that spread are usually fun, throwaway, comedy "pringles", instant gratification. If your film has these qualities then theres a chance, anything else and it won't be posted out to that mail group you have in your address book marked "social group".

Wild chain emails are typically spread by bored office workers looking for a pick me up rather than a 30 minute appraisal of anything deeper, perhaps thats it?

Tim Clague said...

I totally agree. But my point is that these kind of films are usually adverts or jokes.

You can still tell a good story in 15 seconds. A film for the sake of entertainment only. See nokia shorts. But at the moment it seems like these productions have yet to 'break out' and Paul will have to continue to email clips of penguins falling over :-(

Paul Draper said...

That penguin one got passe - you should see the one with the ostrich and the brake fluid.

Tim Clague said...

No. I should see the one that YOU make about an ostrich and his brake fluid!