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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The aggressive proposal

Myself and Shaune write our proposals in what we have dubbed an aggressive style. They are very challenging and advocate a change in thinking and how we look at the world. We don't write - its a bit like... - we tackle what we've seen before and what we don't like about it. Check out this proposal for a show called Intermission. It was written in jest (almost) but it shows the point:

Intermission: Why have a documentary about anything. Let’s be honest - most people can’t follow them anyway. Television is just moving wallpaper isn’t it? So this programme sets out to be the best. Shots of cute kittens, sunsets, babies laughing, rolling hills and knitting give our eyes something to look at for half an hour. The end.

Anyway. The point of all this is that Shaune saw a similar writing style in the marketing site of an ISP. Here's the link.

But I like that they call it a manifesto and I think we'll copy that name and use it from now on. Its a bit less scary!

1 comment:

Paul Draper said...

"Dadband" - love it.