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Monday, August 22, 2005


WaterMelon is a short film that I created recently.
It is now finished and has its own page on the Projector Films website. It is currently being pushed at festivals and seeking distribution.

What is interesting about the film, with regards to the topic of this blog, was the method used in its creation. We tried to make a truly collaborative film. One that fully utilises the creativity of the people involved. But what does that mean?

It means talking about the script to Dave Purse, the composer, before we shot. And using his music on the set. It means sitting down and discussing the shots with Shaune Fradley, the DoP, before we got on set. What ideas does he have while we can still rewrite the script. It means talking to Gary Hayton, the sound designer, while we are storyboarding - what sound ideas does he have as we can shoot images to go with his great sounds.

What is so strange is how obvious this seems yet how back to front to appears to the normal way of shooting. Yes, it is slower, but it is better. And life's to short to make shit films.


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