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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I don't like rules I have decided. I don't really like the 3 or 9 act structure. Why? Because of its misuse. People who don't know what else to say what you give them your script will just say something from a rule book. They will say "Its great, but there was no plot point on page 21". What is so wrong with this? The big danger is that we stop feeling the emotions and everything becomes intellectual. We start applying rules rather than building worlds with characters who do things that make sense to them. We stop living in the script and start living above it. So the next time someone 'rules' you - just ask them how they felt reading the script, not what they thought of it.


JoNae said...

Agree, 100%. Script reading has to be natural and what you feel and internalize, not what someone says in correct or incorrect. Can't we all interpret characters differently? I think so, and so what if someone doesn't like your interpretation!

Tim Clague said...

If someone disagrees then that's okay. We can take that forward as a discussion - person to person - with personal opinions. What we won't end up with is someone saying that something can't be done because of rule x or rule y.

Danny Stack said...

Great blog Tim.

Anonymous said...

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