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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The rationale.

So this is the fourth blog entry. What would be the film equalivant? Well, we've had a little teaser start to lull us in and then, bang, that's when we find out what the movie is really about.

And so what is this blog about? Its about how do we make sure that the film we want to get made, gets made.

Martin Scorcese talked about doing one for the studio and then one for yourself in his guide to American movies. And how many times have we heard writers talking about development guys who don't understand their vision? Are the D guys all complaining about writers who don't do as they are told? This advert is from the WGA - reminding people of the importance of writers. Making sure that writers get the movie that they imagined. So who's in charge and who is fooling who?

But most people I meet aren't looking to make a poor movie deliberatley. In whose interest is that? Even those that know they are making tat see it as part of a bigger picture. "I'm just making this cheap DVD horror to pay the bills. I really want to direct a western" etc. Is this the right approach to take?

All these ideas and more are what we'll be covering. I'll be bringing ideas from sales and management development that I've used (not the tools of the devil, dear writers) to help us answer the question...

How can you make the film you want to make (and is this a good idea in the firstplace)?

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