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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Old skool - you know the rules

Yesterday I talked about how the world has moved on making the content of a script seem out of date. BUT there is one thing that hasn't changed at all, the script layout

12 point courier etc.

When I used to teach a scriptwriting course I gave the students a rule. If you can't do it on an old typewriter then you shouldn't do it. This also caused a mutitude of questions about why that should be. All my reply consisted of was to emphasis the fact that obeying the 'rules' will ensure you seem professional and your script out of the iffy pile.

But, really, what sort of answer is that??? Imagine telling a DoP he could only use a silent handcrank camera from 1920 to design his shots. If it can't go on a wooden tripod you can't use it!

When will someone just do it. When will they change it. Or does this (and I say this reluctantly) actually help the writer control this stage of pre-production?

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